CAP Beauty’s Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse on Self-Care and the Best Beauty Advice They've Received

West 10th Street in the West Village in New York City is one of Manhattan's most tranquil and idyllic tree-lined settings. Therefore, it's hardly surprising to find CAP Beauty, a forward-thinking beauty store that also promotes wellness, sitting alongside fashionable boutiques. Founded in 2015 by friends Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse, the duo shine a light on natural beauty products and also educate consumers on skincare through their on-site spa.

The concept came to Pamer in 2014 after she closed her clothing store [Castor & Pollux] and, “made the shift to clean up my own health. I wanted to share [that] with as many [people] as possible.” The shift was a result of Pamer finding out she suffered from celiac disease which meant altering her beauty and food routine. “I cleaned up many areas of my life. Of course, that started with my diet by eliminating anything that contained gluten, [but] then I started the deep dive into other categories that were potentially affecting my health.” For Morisse, the change started closer to home. “I always thought cleaner products seems like the right path, but motherhood and the care of our kids motivate like no other!” What both discovered was products with natural ingredients would help inside and out. “My skin never felt or looked better,” says Pamer. Morisse adds, “I follow a lifestyle of cellular cleansing. I’ve never felt leaner, stronger, or more comfortable in my skin.” 

After doing extensive research on products, their ingredients, and the potential benefits, both became converts. Some of their TSA-friendly essentials include CAP Beauty’s CAPtivator, a gluten-free, vegan mist providing an energizing lift and fresh scent; de Mamiel’s Altitude Oil which includes a blend of antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties—perfect for us frequent flyer germaphobes; and CAP Beauty Matcha Sticks which Morisse says, “are any travelers best friend. They’re single-serving sachets of our delicious organic and ceremonial grade matcha.”

But both extend their approach to wellness beyond physical products. “I’ve been practicing Kundalini for many years and am amazed at the transformation that happens. [It] truly makes me feel and look my best.” Morisse is a big believer of food combining, cellular cleansing and weaves in gravity colonics, sauna sweating, and hot yoga to achieve balance and results. Does the duo have any beauty hacks they’ve picked up over the years? “NEVER pick your skin! No matter how much you want to,” says Pamer. “Castor oil applied with a mascara wand to the lashes and brows helps to promote growth,” adds Morisse. “I haven’t tried this yet but plan to. Thicker, fuller lashes and brows, I’m coming for you!”

Any other insights on beauty and self-care? “Movement, meditation, cooking, time spent with those that I love and walks in the park with my husband and dogs,” says Pamer. Now that’s a routine we can get behind.