How to Perfect Jennifer Connelly and Michelle Yeoh’s Red Carpet Eyes

Makeup artist Daniel Martin has a way with faces. Consider his list of longtime muses—Jessica Alba, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Nina Dobrev, to name a few. But last week saw Martin work with actresses Jennifer Connelly and Michelle Yeoh and his results were nothing short of regal. For Connelly, he created a no makeup makeup look rooted in a subtle, smoky eye, while with Yeoh, he created a dewy finish with an eye that punctuated with polish. Below, he breaks down how to recreate their looks in just a few steps. 

For Yeoh’s look to the Last Christmas premiere in New York last week, Martin used the VB Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Tuxedo for a subdued finish. “On a mono eyelid, start with the darkest shade—Noir from the Tuxedo palette—at the base of the lashes,” says Martin. “Then graduate up with the existing shades, keeping the darker shades closer to the lash line and going lighter up toward the brows.” The result should, “create dimension without looking like stripes.” Those wanting a touch more depth should set a base with the Satin Kajal Liner all over the lid followed by a tonally coordinated eyeshadow.

However, those seeking to appear as though they’re wearing nothing should look to Connelly’s fresh face from the T Magazine Greats party. Martin advises to use the Satin Kajal Liner along the water line and squeeze your eyes together before it sets to smudge the liner. “I know it sounds counter intuitive, but the motion moves the liner letting it bleed,” says Martin. “That’s what creates that ‘slept-in’ look.” The finishing touch? Clean it up around the edges with a q-tip and top it off with a Lid Lustre—Martin used Mink on Connelly—across the lid. Consider these your new go-to party and photographer friendly looks.