Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Fall Skincare Tips and How to Combat Inflammation

“We all look great after the summer,” says Dr. Barbara Sturm, creator of Molecular Cosmetics. “[But] our skin is super stressed [and] it’s really important to exfoliate.” And, after lots of research, consultation with professors, and testing, Sturm and her team have created a series designed to work with skin both inside and out to bring out a glowing finish.

The first step is exfoliation and Sturm suggests her Enzyme Cleanser which removes dead skin cells which helps in allowing the skin to properly absorb active ingredients. But what is the magic recipe for achieving glowing results? According to Sturm, it’s a process but hydration is key. She recommends her Hyaluronic Serum which she calls, “the white t-shirt of the skincare routine.” And to brace for the upcoming colder months, Sturm says switching to a richer face cream will provide additional protection. Below, Sturm breaks down her essentials to keeping skin healthy for a new season.