Kourtney Kardashian on Changing Her Beauty, Food, and Wellness Mindset

“I definitely focused on my kids first, and then I started thinking about myself, even when I was pregnant,” said Kourtney Kardashian on when she first made it her mission to join the clean revolution. “When I had Mason, I started reading books and learning about organic foods,” said Kardashian noting that her mindset changed towards what she put in and on her body. “I started to research and really find out what the best products are. It was a lot of learning.” Once she determined what was good for her son—now ten—Kardashian set forth on switching up her own habits. “As a new mother, the last thing you want to be doing is having to research what are clean ingredients.”

But, Kardashian put those learnings to good use in 2018 when she traveled to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of the Personal Care Products Safety Act. “Everyone uses personal care products. I hope that we, as the consumer, don’t have to do that research,” said Kardashian. “Even the brands themselves are looking for guidelines as to what ingredients and at what level they shouldn’t be included.” And last year, Kardashian took to the internet to create her own forum,, where she could share her learnings with her community. “At Poosh, our motto is, we do our best, but it’s not about perfection.” Kardashian’s goal with the site is to inform, educate, and communicate. “We love to hear what people are interested in learning,” said Kardashian citing a recent piece on an armpit detox that provided insights on how to cleanse the area from the harmful effects of deodorant and its links to Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Probing beyond the surface has been fun for Kardashian and her team, and prompted discoveries of some of her favourite beauty products with a clean focus. This includes the VB Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Tweed and the Lid Lustre in Mink. “I used them all,” said Kardashian, adding, “and I said to my makeup artist [Wendi Miyake] we need to make a better effort [in using clean makeup]. She loved them and I loved them.” The standout of the bunch for Kardashian? “The Lid Lustre—that texture, the colours, and the packaging. I love that it’s luxury, but you know it’s clean and feel good about using it.”

Another way Kardashian kick starts positive energy from inside is through self-care citing daily exercise—“I love to workout with Khloe,” once-a-week massages, and eating tasty, but good foods. “There are two that I have everyday,” says Kardashian, “one is the matcha latte and the other is the avocado smoothie.” As for finding balance amongst a hectic schedule, Kardashian’s mantra is deceptively simple. “Be easy on yourself and do your best. Make the moments really count.”

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