VBB VIP—Marianna Hewitt on Her Go-To Beauty Look, Her Beauty Essentials, and What She Wants Next from VBB

“They just feel so me,” says Marianna Hewitt, beauty influencer and co-founder of clean and cruelty-free skincare label Summer Fridays. “They’re clean, they’re elevated, and I love the packaging,” says Hewitt who met up with VB earlier this week in Los Angeles. Hewitt has made it her mission to educate and inform through her social platforms, often breaking down how she achieves such radiant skin. And a new part of that is using Victoria Beckham Beauty products. "They feel like products I’m going to buy and use over time," says Hewitt. "There’s so much longevity to everything since it’s not trend focused."

And while Hewitt and VB were hard at work filming some content—more on that in the coming weeks—we asked Hewitt to share what her go-to beauty look is, and what she’d like to see up next from VBB. Below, Hewitt breaks it all down.

Shop Hewitt's look below: