Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum Decoded—Augustinus Bader and Sarah Creal on VBB’s Latest Release

“Victoria and I were both a bit overwhelmed with the number of serums we were trying to use to achieve different things,” explains Victoria Beckham Beauty co-founder and CEO, Sarah Creal. “Smoothing, brightness, firmness—just figuring out when to use each thing had gotten to be overly complicated, and we wanted to create one serum.” Enter the second release from the collection’s skincare offering, again in partnership with Professor Augustinus Bader. “It was clear to us that there hadn’t been much technological advancement in serum in a long time,” adds Creal. “When we decided to do a serum with Augustinus Bader, we wanted to create one serum that would repair the skin’s barrier, address past damage, and defend against common daily stressors like pollution and blue light.” And the Serum upholds the same “clean and lean” ethos of VBB while providing revolutionary results reinforced by data driven clinical testing.

“My approach is focused on trying to find innovative solutions for skin health,” says Professor Bader. “We took this approach and created this serum, which respects healthy skin physiology and protects the skin barrier function.” And like the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer, the results for the Serum, were amazing. Immediately after use 100 percent of people analysed saw a significant improvement in their skin’s barrier function while 97 percent reported dramatic improvement in the appearance in fine lines and wrinkles. “You get a clinically proven significant increase in radiance and skin smoothness,” adds Sarah, “but skin is actually made calmer—and I like to think happier!—over time.”

After six weeks of use, the results went even deeper. “At the six week mark, 86 percent of people analyzed had significant improvement in their skin’s luminosity,” explains Sarah. And with consistent use, twice a day, the outcome was even more brilliant. “84 percent of people felt their skin looked firmer and smoother, 81 percent saw a noticeable improvement in their skin's texture, 90 percent felt that their skin felt soothed and calmed, and 78 percent felt that the serum reduced redness.” The formula for the Serum—Professor Bader’s TFC8®, hyaluronic acid, yeast extract, niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3, known for its anti-aging and brightening properties), empetrum nigrum fruit juice, olive fruit extract, vitamin E, and pavlova lutheri extract  (a microalgae extract rich in fatty acids to protect against pollution and environmental stress)—works to boost skin intelligently. Professor Bader explains that, “[the] highly concentrated formula utilises our cutting-edge technology, which is based upon the scientific knowledge of what our skin cells really need to work at their best.”

Providing 85 percent cell turnover after seventeen days, the Power Serum results, “are a great testament to the idea that when the skin is given the right ingredients and environment, it can help to repair itself,” says Sarah. And while the Power Serum might have only just been released, it was planned from the onset. “We began developing [the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer and Power Serum] formulas simultaneously because wanted to create a super powerful, yet simple skincare routine that would work for everyone,” says Sarah. “All our skincare products are impactful individually and in combination,” adds Professor Bader. “[They] support cell turnover, reduce pore size, and increase hydration.” Together, the duo are dubbed the Power Couple, “because when used together you get smooth, radiant skin, and that signature, instant #VBGlow,” adds Sarah. With such incredible results, how does Sarah plan to use her Power Serum? “I apply it all over my face, my neck, and my décolletage,” says Sarah. “Basically, I’d bathe in Power Serum, Cleopatra style if I could!”

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