VB Launches Skin with Augustinus Bader

“It’s been a dream to develop, with Professor Bader, a priming moisturizer that works to improve the health of my skin and gives me that fresh, natural glow that I love,” says VB of her latest Beauty release, the Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer. Meant to improve skin health and quality—whether you’re wearing makeup or not—this latest release ups the ante on traditional primers. Marrying active ingredients and Professor Bader’s proprietary TFC8® technology with an illuminating crème, the results speak for themselves with greater cell turnover—dead skin cells replaced by younger ones—in only sixteen days. VB has long been a fan of Bader’s technology and her goal in working with him was to bring that same efficacy to her own skincare. “There is nothing like it out there,” says VB. ”It’s a game changer in a skincare product,” adds Professor Bader.

That game-changing technology is multi-layered and rooted in the ingredients. “These innovations come from cell biology over the last 20 to 30 years,” says Professor Bader. “[They] finally made it to a product that everyone can use.” Equally important to VB was ensuring that the product is, “really active as well as clean. It was a big challenge but we did it!” The priming moisturizer is packed with nourishing ingredients, such as natural black tea ferment—rich in organic acids and group B vitamins which plumps and smooths skin; natural papaya extract to brighten and soften; micro algae extract which works to augment collagen production and enhance elasticity; plant-derived polymers which act as a breathable film on the skin to allow makeup to be applied smoothly and without clogging pores; and optical powders which instantly refine and reduce the look of pores while giving a natural radiance. After six weeks of use, the VBB clinical test group (comprised of 33 subjects between 18 - 65 years old) experienced increased skin radiance. “It’s a celebrating who we are and looking like the best version of ourselves,” says VB. “You will see a noticeable difference in your skin. It has a glow about it.”

Part of that #VBGlow comes from Bader’s TFC8® technology. Composed of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally found within skin, the combination acts as a conduit for the other technology to repair and renew from within. “It is a hydrating primer that you can also use as a moisturizer,” says VB. “I love how it rejuvenates my cells.” During the clinical testing of the Priming Moisturizer, participants found 97% reduction in pore size after six weeks and 88% experienced increased skin radiance after six weeks of use. This was key to VB as this latest release has extra meaning for her on a personal level, helping others feel confident in their own skin.

“I struggled in the past,” says VB of her skin history. “My skin was always problematic until I had Harper but I’m really enjoying that I can enjoy skincare.” Dealing with acne in the past, VB has modified her routine being “cautious of what I put on my skin because I don’t want to do anything to aggravate it.” As for Bader’s cream, VB concedes she’s been an addict since was first introduced to the brand by Melanie Grant in Sydney, Australia. “I became quite obsessed with his creams as has David,” laughs VB. And while VB hits the road to spread the word about her latest launch, the only question left to answer is, “Who doesn’t want to glow?"