Lid Lustres, Liners, and Lunch—Inside Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Celebration at Annabel’s

Victoria Beckham and Sarah Creal (Photo: Alberto Romano)

One day after her Spring Summer 2020 runway show, Victoria joined co-founder and CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty to host an intimate lunch for beauty-industry insiders. Dressed in a polka-dot menswear-inspired top, fitted tweed skirt, and lipstick red Jasmin boots, Victoria joined guests including The Times's Lesley Thomas, British Vogue's Lauren Murdoch Smith, and Glamour's Funmi Fetto in showing and testing out the wares. Just before the seared tuna Niçoise salad was served, Victoria and Sarah spoke to the crowd to explain their ethos behind the label. “Let’s do something that is kind,” says Victoria. “Not just kind to us but kind to the environment. Making sure we are using minimal plastic. Using 100% post-consumer waste in our outer packaging. Being kind to ourselves [and] kind to the planet. That’s a modern take on beauty.”

Sarah added that the Victoria Beckham Beauty website is meant to connect with their audience and provide full transparency with their Ingredient Glossary. “How can we help women and people who are interested in beauty to be more educated and make more informed decisions,” says Sarah. “[So we’re saying] what we are using and what those ingredients do in the formula.”

Hinting at upcoming releases, Sarah says there’s much more to come in due time. “We want to make sure we’re doing it in a considered pace,” said Sarah. “So that everyone can understand each product. What the idea is. What is the message? Why do you need it.” But this is just the start. “There’s so much more to come!” exclaims Victoria. “Sarah has a big, big plan!”

Lesley Thomas

The décor at Annabel’s

The place setting at lunch

Brittany Kerr, Sarah Creal, Victoria Beckham, Jill Golden, and Cierra Sherwin

Vic Ceridono

Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustres and Smoky Eye Bricks

Swatches being tested

Jackie Adams, Louise Adams, Sandra Beckham, Tallulah Adams, Maria Louise Featherstone, and Victoria Beckham

Ninni Nummela + Valeria Ferreira

David Belhassen, Tracy Anderson, and Steven Beltrani

Wendy Rowe, Victoria Beckham, and Ken Pavés