The Perfect Pout

“This is what’s been missing in your makeup bag,” exclaims VB about her beauty collection’s latest release, the Bitten Lip Tint. “It gives an effortless flush of sheer colour.” For VB, it was an essential complement to the six shades of Lip Definers as the nude pinkish hue provides a universally flattering punctuation on the pout. And like previous releases, the colour palette was worked on and developed with makeup artists to ensure inclusivity across all skin tones with high efficacy. “I wanted something super hydrating but also something that would complement all skin tones,” says VB.

“It visibly plumps the lips as it contains hyaluronic acid,” says VB of the popular ingredient which “plumps” through a proprietary formula. The ‘star’ of the Bitten Lip Tint recipe, the triple hydration complex, contains three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to penetrate at different depths for a visibly fuller look and provide long-term hydration.

Another element that makes up the formula is squalane, a sugar-derived emollient employed to restore smoothness and suppleness to the lip. “The formulation and texture is key for me,” says VB. “That’s why it was so important that our lip range is packed with active ingredients to treat your lips throughout the day.” Amping up the effect of the Bitten Lip Tint’s luscious colour is mustard sprout extract, an active ingredient that gives immediate visual lip plumping and increased microcirculation to enhance one’s natural lip colour. And like VB’s eye series, she developed the Bitten Lip Tint to augment the effect of the Lip Definers.

“We created the Bitten Lip Tint to work in tandem with the liner,” says VB. “The Lip Definer No. 03 is my perfect pink lip tone and combined with the lip tint it creates the most beautiful pinky nude lip, but the No. 02 is closest to my skin tone so sometimes I use this to contour my lip line and smudge the pink tone in.” As for how VB uses it beyond her lips? “I also use it on my cheeks to give a little bit of a rosy effect.”

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