The Power Within—How VBB’s Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum’s Bottle is a Force on Its Own

VB Beauty’s latest release, Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, powers skin from within using a proprietary formula developed with Professor Augustinus Bader. And while VB and Sarah Creal broke down how they each use it and what the main benefits are, the Serum’s glass bottle is equally strong.

When the VB Beauty Product Innovation team set out on creating the bottle for the Power Serum, they wanted to ensure that users benefited from getting the most out of each drop with minimal waste. The nozzle design allows for targeted applications and precise dosage, preventing unnecessary spillage so no product goes to waste, whether you’re applying a few drops onto your fingertips or directly to the face. However, form and function go further than the aesthetics, as the team brought eco-mindedness to the materials used and recyclability. “Our packaging engineers thoughtfully designed the whole component and materials used so customers would have the ability to recycle the glass bottle”, says Cierra Sherwin, Head of Product Innovation for VBB. “We’ve made the nozzle and horn base easily detachable so that once the Serum is finished, the consumer can simply screw off the base and remove the nozzle to recycle the glass. If either were permanently attached, the glass would not be recyclable.”

Cierra adds that “these types of details are always top of mind for the Product Innovation team to create a beautiful user experience for our customers but be mindful of the materials we use and what we can recycle.” After all, the best type of power to wield is renewable.