VB Opens Up to Glamour About Beauty, Smiling, and More

“There’s something liberating about embracing who I am at 45 years old and owning it, feeling confident, feeling content,” says Victoria to Glamour’s Josh Newis-Smith. “Doing beauty has really helped with that—it’s been very liberating. I want to spread the word that everybody should feel like the best version of themselves. I want to tell people to own who you are.”

Beckham holds herself, her team, and her company to the same standards. “I like to think we’re a kind brand,” adds Victoria who cited the brand’s recent Pride T-shirt initiative and Beauty’s commitment to being cruelty free. 

That ethos also extends to Victoria’s home life where she reveals her kids are also doing their part for the environment. “I look at the kids—and schools are doing a really good job at educating children on sustainability. Me and Romeo had a whole conversation about sustainability the other day because he got these Adidas trainers that have been made out of plastic from the ocean. Harper talks about it, too.”

But what keeps Victoria motivated? “I really focus on what I have created. I feel very confident the product will speak for itself, as the clothes have,” she says. “I know everything I do will be scrutinised and that’s OK, but I don’t let it get in my way. I’m a very positive person. If you put out positive energy, that’s what you’ll get back.”

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