Introducing Victoria Beckham Beauty

“It really is about empowering women through fashion and beauty,” says Victoria Beckham on the set of her campaign shoot for Victoria Beckham Beauty. It might have been months since Victoria teased the line, but it’s been years in the making. “We first met over five years ago,” adds Victoria to Victoria Beckham Beauty’s co-founder and CEO, Sarah Creal. “We decided we had to do it on our own.” 

The result is Victoria Beckham Beauty, a brand rooted in cruelty-free practices, transparency, education, and inclusivity. “The development of clean product is in its infancy,” says Sarah. “We had to start from scratch. But we’ve done it!” Victoria adds, “we wanted to be as clean as we can and still active with the ingredients and formula.” The results for launch are dazzling and focus on eyes.

Known for her smoky eye, it’s only natural that Beckham would want to launch with one of her beauty signatures. Four Smoky Eye Bricks—retailing for £48 / $54—are available in rich palettes fit for day or night. Beckham was so committed to perfecting the formulas and shades that she tested the Royal, a directional take on navy hues, at the wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry. Amping up the effect are four Lid Lustres—retailing for £28 / $36—perfect for the red carpet and beyond as they add a dash of sparkle through crystals which were used to bring in Victoria's love of their spiritual properties. Providing the finishing pop is the Satin Kajal Liner—retailing for £20 / $26—a pigmented pencil available in three shades to create Victoria’s perfectly imperfect eyeliner look.

Another element instrumental to both Victoria and Sarah was providing fresh looks to everyone. “We’re trying to make the world a prettier place and a kinder place,” says Victoria. “When [we were] developing all of the makeup we said we wanted it to be incredibly inclusive. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We all have completely different skin types. Completely different ages. And we’re all wearing the same makeup. What we’ve achieved is so special.” Highlighting this ethos are the campaign images and application videos showing users how to achieve various looks. 

And while Victoria and Sarah concede there is always room for improvement—the duo uses the #notperfect hashtag—they and the brand are committed to sustainable practices and to set higher standards in beauty every day. “I can’t wait for our first customers to receive a box!” exclaims Sarah. “This really is a dream come true,” adds Victoria. And now that dream is a reality for everyone.