The Modern Eye Wardrobe

“If you were to say to someone,  ‘What is the signature look for Victoria Beckham?’, they would say, ‘a smoky eye,’” jokes Victoria in her Vogue interview launching Victoria Beckham Beauty.  “Eyes are very signature for me,” she says on her Smoky Eye Bricks. “The products may be new, but they’ve been a lifetime in the making.” The results are these four Smoky Eye Bricks, in sleek and compact palettes designed to work with women to go from day to night. “We’re creating beauty solutions that help fuel your life,” says Sarah Creal, co-founder and CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty. And while everyone might have gotten a glimpse of the palettes on the Spring Summer 2020 runway, the goal is to integrate them into everyone’s daily life.

The palettes’s origins are derived from Victoria’s own needs and wardrobe. “What I’m creating is what I can’t find and what I want in my makeup bag.” It makes sense and follows the same ethos Victoria applies to her fashion label. The four colours have already been wear tested by Victoria to ensure a flawless finish. The Royal, a sleek smattering of hues in blue, was worn to the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Signature focuses on neutrals, while Tuxedo elevates the eye for evening. Tweed is a rich mélange marrying burgundy with medium dark shades of red.

And while the colours are vibrant and punctuate its wearer—just look to Pat McGrath’s architectural take on the runway—the palettes come to life when paired with slick separates and fluid dresses. “When Victoria, Cierra [Sherwin, Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Head of Product Innovation], and I were developing the Smoky Eye Brick in Tweed, I thought it might be too deep on my fair skin,” says Sarah, “but now it’s one of my favourites. I’m sort of burgundy obsessed right now and living in my Opaz boots!” Made from a formula that contains Sodium Hyaluronate to help increase skin moisturization, elasticity, and smoothness upon application, the idea is for wearers to have fun and mix things up mimicking Victoria’s approach to wardrobe. 

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