VB Beauty’s 3 Steps for a Smoldering, Smoky and Shimmering Tuxedo Eye

A fashionable outfit requires an equally striking eye. And this season’s holiday party wardrobe focuses on fluid silhouettes sitting alongside vibrant and modern takes on the classic tuxedo. Enter VB Beauty’s sophisticated approach to mimicking the effect for the eye. While VB’s signature smoky eye is a party friendly staple, a jazzier take on the look adds a dash of subtle shimmer for a glistening effect.

Using the Smoky Eye Brick in Tuxedo, the foundation for the look is rooted in creating a layered effect using each of the colours from the palette. Building upon this is VBB’s innovative Lid Lustre providing subtle sparkle and definition. But cementing everything together is the Satin Kajal Liner adding depth. Below, we break down how to get the smoky, shimmering tuxedo.


Smoky Eye Brick in Tuxedo

Define the eye with Smoky Eye Brick in Tuxedo. Brush Blanc all over the lid as a base. Pack Rain onto the lid, bending out into the crease. Shade around the upper and lower lash line with Noir. Add depth into the crease with Fumée. Shop now at


Lid Lustre in Onyx

Using your finger, tap Lid Lustre in Onyx on the lid, starting in the inner corner and gently patting across towards the outer corner. Shop now at


Satin Kajal Liner in Black

Line the upper lash line with Satin Kajal Liner in Black, gently flicking out at the end to elongate the eye. Fill in the waterline and gently shade under the lower lash line, blending out with the smudger for smoldering depth. Shop now at