VB Talks Beauty and More with The Telegraph

“God, we used to slap it on,” jokes Victoria in her Telegraph interview on the launch of Victoria Beckham Beauty. “The more tired we go, the more blusher we plonked on.” Times have changed for Victoria who now favors a more demure look occasionally peppered with a touch of sparkle for evening. Chatting with the outlet’s head of fashion Lisa Armstrong, Victoria opens up about how she and co-CEO Sarah Creal want to be part of the clean beauty revolution.

“We kept asking what would be the most modern thing we could do?” says Creal. The results focus on eyes with the launch of Smoky Eye Bricks, Lid Lustres, and Satin Kajal Liners, all born from Victoria’s own beauty looks. “Every time I launch something it’s. Because I can’t find what I want,” says Beckham. “People associate me with a smoky eye.”

And producing a clean but luxurious, effective, and inclusive beauty collection was paramount to both Victoria and Sarah. “I want to do this properly,” says Beckham. “It’s hard for a fashion brand to do skincare and get taken seriously, but I think we’re going to surprise people.”

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