VB Crowdsources Answers for Her Red Eyes

Last week when I was in New York City for our lip launch, I took to my Instagram and asked you what you do to combat tired, red eyes. And I was so overwhelmed by your responses—with all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, it was so nice and super helpful to go through all your responses. I am so thrilled to share with all of you some of your top tips below and I’ll be posing more questions in the coming weeks so make sure to check back here to see some of the answers. VB

While it’s widely accepted that people generally need eight-plus hours of sleep a night, that rarely (if ever) happens in today’s fast-paced, modern world. However, there are some tips and tricks to reduce eye redness and puffiness to make it appear as though everyone’s well rested. Below we break down five of the top tips you provided VB and their health benefits.

Chamomille (rooibos and green) tea: All three of these teas are commonly used to treat and refresh sore eyes. Steep like normal and then wait for the tea bags to cool and squeeze all excess liquid before placing on the eyes. 

Cold spoons: Placing the back of frozen spoons on your eyes will help drain the fluid underneath your eyes while also minimizing puffiness and reducing inflammation and irritation.

Cucumber Slices: This has long been bandied about and for good reason; cucumbers possess anti-inflammatory properties to combat puffiness and are rich in water to hydrate the skin. Just make sure to use freshly sliced cucumbers straight from the refrigerator for maximum effect.

Sleep: Another element that brings about red eyes is a lack of sleep. The more sleep you get, the more oxygen that your eyes receive so there’s another reason for catching a full night’s reset. 

Warm Compress: This can be done using a sock, washcloth, or an eye mask but place a warm compress over your eyes for between ten to fifteen minutes to promote blood flow to your eyes.