VB’s Health and Fitness Tips to Jump Start 2020 Resolutions

“I’m not afraid to say that I’m quite obsessive about my workout,” says VB. “It’s the one thing I really do for me.” That dedication to nourishing her mind and body is something key to VB. And with the New Year approaching, we asked her for some tips on how everyone can get a jump start on their fitness resolutions even during the holiday season. “I will still be working out over Christmas. Not so much, but I will be running every day,” says VB whose 7K runs on the treadmill and Tracy Anderson workouts (coupled with a nutrient rich breakfast) provide her with a healthy foundation to start the day.

However, during the festive season, VB says, “it’s about getting the balance between being healthy, but also relaxing a little bit. Everything within moderation.” In addition to running, VB is also a fan of planks. “You don’t need anything other than a floor space,” says VB who does four, two-minute sets every day. “They’re really good for your core strength.” But VB’s best piece of advice? “We work so hard that it’s ok to give yourself a treat as well,” says VB. “Relax and have a time out.” Just make sure it’s after your planks.

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