VB Tries Her Hand in the Makeup Chair with Lisa Eldridge

Starting my Beauty label has been one of the most challenging yet most fun things I've embarked on. I’ve been able to meet so many incredibly talented people in the beauty industry and I recently had the opportunity to film a tutorial with the incredible Lisa Eldridge. I’ve long admired Lisa’s approach and touch when it comes to application and of course she was one of the pioneers of the makeup tutorial. In our video after Lisa perfected my signature look on me, I got the chance to play makeup artist on her! I hope you enjoy watching and I can't wait to see your takes on my signature beauty look! VB

“Victoria is a true makeup lover,” says Lisa Eldridge, who boasts almost 2 million YouTube followers and has an avid fan base waiting for each week’s tutorial. And this week it’s VB’s turn in and out of the makeup chair. Lisa created VB’s signature look before it was VB’s moment to play makeup artist. “It’s usually a very collaborative experience,” says Lisa, “and we love sharing our new product discoveries with each other.”

In the tutorial, Lisa breaks down VB’s signature look and uses key pieces like the Victoria Beckham Beauty Mink Lid Lustre, Tuxedo Smoky Eye Brick, and Satin Kajal Liner in Bronze. But how did Lisa feel when VB put her own stamp on the makeup artist? “It was great. I had a sneaking suspicion that she might be good” says Lisa, “[and] she approached it confidently so I felt like I was in safe hands.” And while VB has her ‘Smoky Eye’ what is Lisa's beauty signature? “I usually do a statement lip as it brightens the face and it’s quick and easy to do.”