VB Opens Up About Her Skin Health History and Philosophy

“I've had problematic skin from a very young age,” says VB. “It’s hereditary. My mother suffered as well and it’s hard to understand how that makes you feel unless you’ve been through it.” To that end, VB launched her eponymous beauty and fashion collections to empower her community, a message that has special resonance with her given her own experience. “Skin issues make you incredibly self conscious,” says VB, “when you talk to people, you don’t want to look them in the eye because you’re so self conscious.” To combat this, VB sought out help from dermatologists who, “for years couldn’t sort it out.” However, on a trip to Los Angeles, she found that the secret to healthy skin goes beyond the surface.

Dr. Harold Lancer helped sort my skin out,” says VB. “I realized it’s not just what you put on your skin, it’s making sure you eat correctly. Eating enough good fats is key. I eat lots of oily fish and lots of avocado.” Also part of VB’s skin regimen are vitamins, supplements, probiotics, and getting blood work done every few months "to check my levels.” However, VB concedes that she’ll occasionally indulge in the odd glass of red wine or tequila. “I try to limit it as much as I can, as it can make you quite puffy,” she says. Processed sugars and fizzy drinks are a no-no except for sparkling water, but for VB the two keys to maintaining healthy skin are” getting as much sleep as you can and using the correct skincare for your type.”