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Victoria’s latest beauty offering takes its cues from crystal energies with mesmerizing results. “I became interested in crystals when I moved to Los Angeles in 2007. Naomi Campbell gifted me a facial by a lady who gave crystal facials” says Victoria. “She came over and gave me a face massage using various crystals. She introduced me to their different energies and healing powers.” And it’s a feeling that Victoria brought to all aspects of her life and business.

“I just got really into them,” says Victoria of her crystal collection. “I carry different ones.  I have them in my office. I have them in my garden.” Crystals also inspired Victoria with her ready-to-wear collections both literally and through abstract motifs. “We had little crystal necklaces, belts, and charms that we hung off the trousers,” says Victoria whose latest Victoria Victoria Beckham collection takes a graphic approach on the enlightening elements peppering tops, skirts, and dresses with gem-like punctuations.

Similarly, Victoria ensured her new Lid Lustres provided the same energetic benefits. “Each shade is infused with a different crystal so that everyone can feel like they have great energy with them at all times—they have such good energy and something my community can enjoy and feel good about.”

Onyx Lid Lustre is infused with Black Obisidian. "I keep this with me to help protect against any negative energy.” Citrine, infused into the Blonde Lid Lustre shade, serves to promote inspiration and creativity. “It’s good for entrepreneurs,” says Victoria who held a citrine crystal backstage during her Spring Summer 2020 show. Tiger’s Eye, featured in the Mink shade, builds courage, strength, and personal power, while Midnight possesses amethyst for prosperity and abundance. For Victoria, it’s about surrounding herself with positivity at all times.

As for the Lid Lustres, Victoria says, “I love wearing a bit of shimmer for nighttime.” For a recent night out, she donned the Mink lustre for a glowing finish. “They’re empowering and they make me feel calm and at ease.”

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