Emma Lucy Knowles on Crystals, Spirituality, and Self-Care

Above, Victoria Victoria Beckham Crystal Print Shirt Dress.

“Crystals came to me very young,” says Emma Lucy Knowles, crystal healer and author of The Power fo Crystal Healing: Change Your Energy and Live a High-Vibe Life. “They helped me tap into myself [and] understand who I was in the world.” Emma’s discovery of her abilities came after years of learning about her grandparents. “They’d passed over before I was born and my mum just didn’t talk about them ever, but I was intent on asking what happened to them,” says Emma who discovered it was her grandfather who had been the cause of both their deaths. “[I went through] some dark moments and hard times, self-rejection and lack of understanding of who I was and what I was,” adds Emma who eventually saw the light. “[Crystals] gave me a space to honour and to listen to my energies to connect with spirit and people at a powerful level.” 

To that end, Emma has some advice to everyone on how to achieve a more calm and balanced life. “There isn’t one thing but the practice of breath working and with crystals at all times, build and work that muscle not just when things feel tough. Finding a state of equilibrium in the world whilst it keeps turning is a powerful place and definitely worth the practice and effort.” Similarly, those in need of an energy boost should swap the caffeine for crystals. “Carnelian crystal is like the coffee equivalent for an energy pick me up with none of the toxic effects on the body,” says Emma.  “I call it my ‘tigger’ stone [as it] makes you bouncy and happy and not out of control.” However, there is a caveat. “Try to avoid sleeping with it under your pillow though or you’ll be dancing in your sleep!”

As for moderating stress, Emma advises a more earthy approach. “Connect your feet flat on the ground and really breath. In through the crown of your head. You allow and direct the flow of all the energies dancing uncontrollably around your head or heart to ‘ground’ to neutralise into the earth to make space to feel and think.” Amping up the effect? “Smokey quartz is like the stain hoover of negative energy. [It] will suck and draw that energy away from you.”

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