V Things—Futuristic Fashion, Brad Pitt in Space, and a Hypebeast Favourite Takes Centre Stage

With fashion month officially upon us—the New York collections just wrapped—it seems that all across the globe, everything from art to film is getting a stylish upgrade. As the fashion flock migrates to London, those skipping the front row should seek refuge in the city’s cultural institutions which are thriving with immersive exhibitions and rejuvenating pop-ups.

The Tate Modern showcases the work of Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and brings the experience into their kitchen for a locally sourced and modernist approach to cuisine, while Dr. Barbara Sturm brings her glowing touch to one of the city’s new names in jewellery.

However, those looking for a dash of runway magic should check out the Brooklyn Museum’s comprehensive retrospective Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion. Cardin’s directional designs continue to inspire with their prescience. And on the note of space-age fashion, fall movie season is here and Brad Pitt heads into orbit as Astronaut Roy McBride in the highly anticipated Ad Astra.

But, hypebeasts around the world should unite at the National Gallery Victoria which showcases artist KAWS and his multidimensional pieces. Below, a roundup of the cultural happenings to keep you in the know. And remember to share your discoveries using the hashtag #worldofvb and you may see it appear in an upcoming edition.


V Discover

KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness

Artist KAWS, real name Brian Donnelly, made waves in March—literally!—when his 121-foot sculpture floated in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour for Arts Week. Now he’s bringing his poignant pieces to the National Gallery Victoria featuring include his astute lens on pop culture. "It's been an amazing process," says KAWS. "The exhibition starts with drawings and sketches from 1992 and goes through to my latest works from 2019." Any favourite moments working on this latest exhibition? "Hanging works and creating conversations between paintings and sculptures is equally as fun as making them." On view through April 13, 2020; for tickets, please visit


V Learn

Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion

Designer retrospectives are popping up globally, but this marks the first time Cardin’s fashion influence has been highlighted in New York. Focusing on Cardin’s breadth of work from the 1950s through today—remember the exaggerated shoulders from the 1980s?—the pieces on view are a robust display chronicling the designer’s directional approach to tailoring and technology. Besides the ensembles, Cardin’s industrial work and furniture are present, providing a complete picture of one of the industry’s pioneers whose reach on design extends beyond the runway. On view through January 5, 2020; for tickets, please visit


V Try

Dr. Barbara Sturm at Jessica McCormack

VB is a fan of Dr. Sturm’s Molecular Cosmetic range and now, Sturm and her team are bringing their wares and techniques to a familiar London spot. Inside Jessica McCormack’s Carlos Place townhouse, Sturm has created a pop-up spa through September 26th. On offer are Sturm’s signature facials meant to rejuvenate, provide a glowing finish, and reduce fine lines.


V Visit

Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life

It’s been 16 years since the Danish-Icelandic artist’s last show at the Tate Modern, and this latest exhibition puts a spotlight on Eliasson’s highlights over his career. The 40 works on view are a broad scope of Eliasson’s singular take on perception. Reflections, inversions, and shifting colors are utilised to challenge viewers into differently perceiving space. “For me a successful visit to my exhibition at the Tate, or any successful encounter with culture, is when you, through the art, see the world with higher or new granularity,” says Eliasson. “Almost like looking into a microscope, you see things otherwise unnoticeable. An even greater success is when you see beyond this and into ‘yourself’ and notice things about yourself that you haven’t given attention to before.” Afterward, stop by the Terrace Bar for a specially devised menu that Eliasson’s kitchen team,  SOE Kitchen, worked on in tandem with Tate Eats highlighting organic, vegetarian, and locally sourced produce similar to the offerings at Eliasson’s studio in Berlin. On view through January 5, 2020; for tickets, please visit


V Watch

Ad Astra

Between the all-star cast (Brad Pitt, Donald Sutherland, Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga, and Tommy Lee Jones) and a futuristic plotline, this James Gray-directed epic looks poised to be deeper than the traditional sci-fi fare. Pitt’s performance shows the strife, solitude, and searching of being an astronaut which is brought to life by the ensemble. In theatres from September 20th.