Flowerbx Sorts Out Your Holiday Arrangements

“I am lucky to be surrounded by floral opulence daily,” says Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, CEO and co-founder of Flowerbx. The minimal designs that have become the company’s hallmark are the brainchild of Hawkings who filled a white space she saw in the market. “As a working mom, I was buying everything in my life online from my farm fresh groceries to my clothes and beauty. Yet flowers remained one thing I couldn’t buy easily, chicly, and consistently,” says Hawkings. “I wanted to create a branded floral offering.” That has translated into success for Flowerbx which in four years operates in London, New York, and Paris along with over 20 countries throughout Europe. And with a global audience, comes the need for a sprinkle of festive flora and fauna.

“Nothing says holiday to me like an enormous bunch of Elf Red Ilex,” says Hawkings of the cherry coloured fruit stalks that when bundled can enliven any environment. “Simplicity remains my floral preference.” However, those seeking a touch more flourish for their tables or doors are in luck. “I am so proud of the wreaths we created including the red berry, white berry, and frosted pine options,” says Hawkings of the familiar festive styles. “Lush, velvet ribbon allow the customer to further personalize the wreath to their taste.” Also on offer are red carnation and berried eucalyptus acting as holiday friendly version’s of Flowerbx’s one-note and sleek arrangements. However, one thing on Hawking’s holiday wishlist will hopefully be answered come spring. “I  am praying for a very long peony season,” she says.  “Few flowers evoke more joy than the fragrant and fleeting peony.” Here’s hoping for an early bloom.