V Read—Margaret Atwood's The Testaments

This book needs no introduction.  We just wanted to make sure you read it. Winner of the Booker Prize 2019 and the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments takes us fifteen years after the original story ended. It’s told by three different narrators through their “testimonies”—Aunt Lydia who we all know too well (or think we do), and two new voices, Daisy and Agnes (who actually aren’t so new we discover midway through). 

It takes us back to the dystopian society of Gilead and to the outside world and a network of underground operatives. It reminds us why Atwood became a feminist icon and has been hailed for the brilliant way she incorporates things that have happened and happen in our contemporary world into the pages of her books that make us do a double take.

While it’s not as dark or menacing as its predecessor it’s gripping, fast paced and fascinating. It provides answers to some of our open questions, gives us more insights in to some of the characters we left behind—and most importantly for all of us who have been left wondering for the past few decades – it has a conclusion. And for us that was what we had been waiting for.