V Follow—Rose Ferguson's Instagram is a (Healthy) Foodie's Dream

Rose is a dear friend and I love her food philosophy. It applies to both mind and body, inside and out. I was so excited when she agreed to speak with my team and hope that you learn something from Rose to make a little change to your life that will have a healthy impact. VB

It’s not everyday that a supermodel is also one of the world’s most in-demand nutritional therapists. But Rose Ferguson defies convention daily with her delicious recipes that fuel for life’s challenges. And it’s something that’s always been with her since childhood. “I grew up surrounded by holistic and alternative medicine,” says Rose, “my grandmother had one of the first health food shops and I used to hang out with her a lot. So in a way, it’s in my blood!” And it was during Rose’s modeling days that the need to improve her own health took hold. “The flip side of having too much fun and traveling whilst modeling was that I became aware of the need to put good fuel into my body in order to feel good.” That prompted Rose to create The 5 Day Plan and Filth, her line of sustainable, plant-based burgers.

And while her passion translated into the next phase of her career, it was also prompted by her peers. “My friends and clients were struggling to make time to cook the food I wanted them to eat,” says Rose of The 5 Day Plan. “So I decided to do it for them!” The plan provides three full meals, supplements, and juices and removes eggs, dairy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and wheat to reduce inflammation and empower the body with healthy nutrients. “The sincere enjoyment in making and eating good food can turn a negative relationship with food into something positive,” says Rose. “Learn to love food and learn what works for you and it will help you feel great!” As for her Filth burgers, Rose says she, “wanted to make food that shows it’s possible to eat fast food without it having to be unhealthy.” That thinking extends offline into the physical world where Rose shares her philosophy at Annabel’s as part of their Wellness Wednesday series. 

But does Rose have any indulgences? “Ice cream” says Rose. “Or if we’re being fancy, gelato—it’s my weakness!”