What Met Gala Bathroom Selfie? It’s All About the New Annabel’s Ladies Room

I love Annabel’s. From the festively clad doormen that greet you on Berkeley Square to the lively atmosphere inside, there’s always something happening. But my favourite spot has to be the loo! The pink onyx and floral trimmed space is girly heaven but they just opened their newest ladies room and the design is beyond! Before I went to #VBDoverSt to celebrate the Warhol exhibit, I dashed into their jungle-inspired space to touch up my look. Below are some snaps and I can’t wait to see your selfies from their loo! VB

Just last year, Annabel’s revealed their renovation showcasing opulent design—deGournay wallpaper, Murano glass chandeliers—with a familiar vibe. And one spot that’s proved popular with members and guests alike is the ladies room. Covered in flowers and pink onyx, the bathroom has prompted countless impromptu photoshoots and selfies rivaling that of the infamous Met Gala bathroom snap. But now, Annabel’s has reenlisted designer Martin Brudnizki to refresh their third floor loos to mimic the flora and fauna motifs present throughout the club. “I wanted to build on the club’s themes,” says Martin, “[and offer] members a similar sense of escapism to the rest of the club.” The results are elaborate and intricate designs with rich design details.

Both washrooms were inspired by the jungle and rainforest and it’s apparent from first glance. Gentlemen receive a moodier treatment with the focal point being crocodile basin made from a single piece of green onyx. That palette carries over into the ladies room where a lightness permeates through hand-carved Bergenia flower pink onyx basins. “The jungle and animal motifs add to the playful spirit of Annabel’s,” adds Martin. And no doubt so do the countless selfies to be taken inside.