V Read—Reunion by Fred Uhlman

During the week commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day we thought we should take some time out to reflect and choose a book that really resonates.

We call it a book. Actually Reunion is a novella, just short of 80 pages—but in those pages it is so quietly impactful we wanted to share.

First published in 1971, it’s the poignant story of the friendship between two German teenage boys—Hans, the middle class son of a Jewish doctor, and Konradin, the son of aristocracy. They meet in 1932 as the German political landscape is changing and their story is told so deceptively simply that we ache with knowing what’s coming while willing it not to affect them. But it’s not sentimental and it’s not dramatic. And that’s the genius.

It’s very hard to put into one review how brilliant this book is. That in just under an hour (average reading time) we were left literally blown away.  Oh, and the last paragraph has a twist. An unexpected ending that makes you feel some redemption and want to turn back and read the whole thing again.