VB and Don Julio Have Just the Recipe to Bring Autumnal Cheer

I think we all know that I am partial to a tequila—and I love Don Julio 1942. (Or my friend Don as I’ve been known to call it)!  It’s a spicy, low-calorie, low-sugar drink that works anywhere, in any setting, in any city. I’m so excited that Don Julio has set up a bar at my Dover Street shop for one week and hope you all get a chance to spice up your workweek! VB

Victoria with her friend 'Don' in New York City.

As one of Victoria’s preferred drinks, Don Julio 1942 elevates any occasion with a tinge of fun. The tequila is best served neat or over ice—that’s how VB takes it—but the Mexican-produced drink has an interesting and rich history. 1942, the label’s ultra-premium, small batch drink, got its name as that was the year founder Don Julio Gonzalez Estrada first distilled tequila. The notes found in 1942 are an elegant blend of sweet caramelised cherries, roasted agave, and a touch of vanilla. 

Sharing some of the qualities of 1942 is Don Julio Reposado which offers an equally rich and smooth finish but with a more inviting aroma fit for cocktails. This week, VB’s Dover Street flagship will be hosting a Don Julio bar—through October 4th—featuring the house’s flagship 1942. Below, we share the recipe behind one of the label’s signature cocktails, the Paloma.

Don Julio Paloma:

50 millilitres Don Julio Reposado

60 millilitres grapefruit juice

Soda water

Grapefruit wedge (for garnish)