Welcome to the World of Victoria Beckham

Photographed by Tom Newton

Dear all,

It has been over a decade since I launched my fashion brand and in that time I have encountered support, surprise, and encouragement in equal measure. I entered a new industry with a strong belief, a lot of focus and some trepidation – but most importantly with an amazing team of people and an inspiring community around me.

Each step along the way has been a new education for me. When I launched my social channels, I hadn’t thought they would become one of my most important—and direct—places to communicate with you. That’s what my World of Victoria Beckham is all about. It’s a place where I can share my story, the creative process, and our values. A forum where I can share with all of you my hints, ideas, problems, and solutions which I genuinely hope will help you in your own journey. And it’s also the place where I want you to have a platform. Where you can engage and connect with me, the VB team, and each other and share your thoughts, your needs and insights.

Every week I, and my team led by our head of editorial Edward Barsamian, will share something with you that has great meaning to me. Something that has inspired me or intrigued me—from a piece of art, an amazing place, an incredible product, a solution to problems we have faced, or a book I just can’t put down. Getting to this point has been incredible and it's my hope that with the World of Victoria Beckham you will find an ally who shares your passions, piques your imagination, and informs you about people, places, projects, and products across the world that are making a difference. I have all my life pushed myself to be the best version of myself as a singer, a dancer, a fashion designer, a creative director, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and of course a friend. I want to exchange with you all of it to bring hopefully great ideas, solutions, and beauty to your lives.

And I really, really want to hear from you – use the hashtag #worldofVB and let’s make this a place where we can share and all learn new things! I’m so excited and I hope you will be too!

Lots of love,