5 Facts About Durbar Court—VB’s Spring Summer 2020 Show Space

This past Sunday, Victoria Beckham presented her Spring Summer 2020 collection in grand fashion. It’s hardly surprising given past venue choices have included the New York Public Library, 25 Broadway, and the Tate, but raising the bar—yet again—Victoria chose the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Durbar Court. “The moment I walked into Durbar Court, I loved it,” says Victoria. “The light. The energy. The space was just perfect.”

The historic venue, it was built in 1866 and completed in 1868, was first used in 1867 for a welcome reception for the Sultan of Turkey (then the Ottoman Sultan). Victoria, working with the GREAT Britain campaign, says, “I found it so inspiring that I decided this is where I have to show my collection.” Below, five things to know about the VBSS20 venue:

1. No red wine is served in Durbar Court for fear it will stain the marble floor if dropped.

2. The roof was added in 1868 (two years after construction finished) to create the illusion of an open sky feel, but without the prospect of inclement weather. 

3. Architect Matthew Digby Wyatt hid his name at the top of each column, under the roof, with the text, “This court was built A.D. 1866 MD Wyatt architect.” 

4. Each floor features distinct column styles—the ground floor uses doric, the first floor features ionic, and the top floor gets a flourishing finish with Corinthian styles.

5. Durbar means ‘Court’ or a formal ceremony in Hindi.