V Cook—VB’s Sugar-Free, Post-Fashion Week (Adult) Friendly Treat

Now that #VBSS20 is over, it’s time to celebrate. And while the dinner at Harry’s Bar provided Victoria and her guests an opportunity to unwind (and indulge in some savory dishes), there’s always room for additional festivities. Enter the perfect party starter, the tri-colour vodka jelly. One of Victoria’s favourite indulgences, she served the tequila version at last week's dinner, but below, we share the recipe behind the delectable confection.

Serves 16

Preparation time: 5 minutes


1 sachet of Hartley’s Lemon + Lime Sugar-Free Jelly

1 sachet of Hartley’s Orange Sugar-Free Jelly

1 sachet of Hartley’s Strawberry Sugar-Free Jelly

285 milliliters of boiling water — per jelly

285 milliliters of cold water — per jelly

85 milliliters of vodka — per jelly

50 milliliter containers

Recipe (follow in order to achieve best results):

Boil 285 milliliters of water and add in lemon + lime sachet

Add 200 milliliters of cold water and 85 milliliters of vodka

Mix well

Pour mixture into 50 milliliters container

Place in fridge to set for 2 hours

Repeat process and start with orange sachet and end with strawberry