10 Things to Know About...Livia Firth

I have always admired Livia Firth. She is such a force and what she’s done with Eco-Age is incredible and paving the way for more sustainable practices in the fashion industry. I was so delighted when she found the time to answer our ’10 Things to Know’ questions and hope you learn something new about her. VB

On Sunday, Milan Fashion Week closed with a green note. Livia Firth, creative director of Eco-Age, and Carlo Capasa, chairman of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion co-hosted the third annual Green Carpet Fashion Awards celebrating talent in the fashion industry making strides towards sustainable practices.

Stars from the worlds of art, fashion, film, and music converged for the glittering affair, and we chatted with Firth on everything from her wake up time—it’s early—to her Sunday night ritual.

What time do you wake up + what is the first thing you do?

My alarm is at 6:15 am and the first thing I do is breathe and meditate for few minutes. Then I jump out of bed, get ready for the school run, and the day ahead at Eco-Age.

Coffee, tea, or juice?

None. I am now totally addicted to Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir which I drink in a huge glass of coconut water.  It’s with the hope that one day I may turn out like her—do you think it will work?!

What are your essential daily reads?

 Our Top Stories distribution at Eco-Age is pretty awesome—we get a daily update on everything that’s happening in the world, especially to our environment.

What is the first app you check?


What is the last purchase that you’re still obsessed with? 

On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal. I love Naomi Klein and this book makes the perfect case for the Green New Deal and I just can’t put it down.

What is on your shopping wish list?

A new wool black jumper. Still have to decide where to find the perfect one though.

What’s the soundtrack to your look right now?

Currently, having just finished the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, my soundtrack is a lullaby as I can’t wait to go to bed and sleep!

If you were not in your current role, what would your profession be?

A Ballerina or a street dancer probably. That’s my fantasy anyway.

Who / what is your style spirit animal?


Do you have a Sunday night ritual? If so, what is it?

Sundays are always pyjama days for me. In the evening it’s binge-watching a tv series. I just finished Big Little Lies second season.