10 Things to Know About...Tonne Goodman

Point of View was two years in the making,” says Tonne Goodman, of her newly released photographic memoir. The former VOGUE fashion director—who still contributes cover shoots and stories for the publication—initially storyboarded the book to follow her trajectory from working as an assistant with Diana Vreeland at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to her most recent work for VOGUE. But, like any great creative endeavour, the process was altered and determined by the pictures. “In the course of editing the trove of pictures going back many years, we realized that so many of them relate intimately to experiences I had as a child and growing up,” says Tonne. “We decided to preface the photography with a diary of sorts, that reveled my past.”

Helping with the process were two of Tonne’s trusted colleagues, Ivan Shaw, corporate photography director of Condé Nast (and former photography director of VOGUE), and creative director Sam Shahid (whom Goodman first met when they were working together at Calvin Klein). “We had the most wonderful time together,” says Tonne. “Many, many recollections with great laughter.” One of those moments? Choosing the cover. “Sam picked the cover,” says Tonne. “People think it’s me from my modeling days, but it’s not. It’s Daria [Werbowy] wearing Calvin Klein.”

And while the book features a wide breadth of Tonne’s iconic imagery captured throughout the years, for her, it’s about painting the connection between image and story. “The book informs much of the emotional content of the pictures,” says Tonne. “It explains the angel landing on top of Rockefeller Center, Linda [Evangelista] on the aircraft carrier entertaining the troops, and Amber [Valletta] in the desert.” For Tonne, “life’s experience is somewhere in every photograph.”

Below, we asked Tonne to spill on her morning ritual, what app she checks first, and her latest shopping obsession.

What time do you wake up and what is the first thing you do?

I wake up any time between 6 and 8, depending on the day. If I'm shooting it can be earlier around 5 am.

Coffee, tea, or juice?

Tea! I used to drink coffee, with an elaborate ritual of frothing the hot milk. One day I thought I'd just have a cup of tea instead and I haven't had a cup of coffee since then. That was more than ten years ago.

What are your essential daily reads —> print or digital?

I read the digital New York Times email feed every morning in bed. And Business of Fashion and WWD. I read the New York Times paper at night in bed although I'm getting so upset by the news that I only read the good sections—arts, science, food, style.

What is the first app you check?

The weather app.

What is the last purchase that you’re still obsessed with?

Don't laugh—it's the scourer from Muji.

What is on your shopping wish list?

Flowers from the Union Square Farmer's market.

What’s the soundtrack to your look right now?

Miles Davis.

If you were not in your current role, what would your profession be?

If I won the lottery I would teach art to kids.

Who / what is your style spirit animal?

Rosa; Rob's golden retriever.

Do you have a Sunday night ritual? If so, what is it?

I have a Saturday night ritual; taking my mother to dinner. She is 98 and great company.