V Shop—Lisa Eldridge’s Candy-Coloured Jewels

When I filmed with Lisa Eldridge earlier this week (that video will be coming soon)! my eyes went straight to a ring she was wearing. I absolutely loved it. Lisa has such a way with colour for beauty and she has brought that same eye to her jewellery collection. I am so excited to share her story and introduce all of you to another one of my favourite jewellers. VB

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is best known for creating the artful looks seen on Hollywood’s A-list which she breaks down on her hugely popular makeup tutorials cementing her love of colour. “I discovered my mother’s old makeup at my grandmother’s house when I was about six,” says Lisa. “I was immediately captured by the shiny textures combined with colour. I feel the same about jewellery.” Lisa's passion started young and she merged the worlds of beauty and jewellery through drawing. “I used to make my own gemstones. I would draw small circles using my wax crayons on a piece of paper, colour them in, and then place a single drop of water on top. The wax in the crayons would hold the water in a perfect ‘jewel’ shape and the colour would be reflected into it.”

Fast-forward to present and Lisa’s collection of rings are the real-life version of her sketches. Delightful confections featuring peridots, citrines, and garnets mimicking the drop like effect.“Natural gemstones are nature’s surprise gift,” says Lisa. “The colours combined with the play of light within them is constantly inspiring.” Spotted on the pristinely manicured hands of stars including Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, and Sophie Dahl, the pieces punctuate wearers with a pop. It’s a philosophy Lisa applies to her own life. “To me, [beauty and jewellery are] completely linked, almost like one thing.” That extends to the packaging which takes its cues from a 1920s blush pot while inside, each piece sits atop a vintage-inspired blush puff. But as for choosing pieces to wear day-to-day, Lisa finds it equal parts challenging and inspiring. “When I’m deciding which rings or earrings to wear myself, it's like I’m designing a new eye shadow palette.”