VB Opens Up About Finding Her Voice and Empowering Girls (and Boys)

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Sinéad earlier this year and since then lucky to be able to call her a friend. She’s really quite a remarkable woman and so it was a privilege to be asked to be the subject of her first podcast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved talking to her! VB

“I have admired Victoria’s ambition, tenacity, dedication, and openness from afar but always wanted to know more about who Victoria was,” says activist Sinéad Burke. “What mattered to her, what kind of person was she at five years old and what was the monologue in her mind when she looked in the mirror?” So who better than VB to kick off Sinéad’s podcast, As Me, and, “share parts of [herself] that will help connect us all.”

Sinéad first met VB when she came to the atelier ahead of September’s spring summer 2020 show where she worked with the team on creating a custom look. “Victoria is one of the few female creative directors working in luxury fashion,” says Sinéad. “Spending time with Victoria and the design team was such a treat. That care and attention to detail gave me such confidence and allowed me to feel powerful and have agency over the image that I presented to the world.”

Sinéad has often had a challenging relationship to fashion but uses, “clothes to articulate my identity and my maturity. It relieves the emotional labour of having to constantly explain to the world who I am. As a disabled woman, my choices have often been limited but I’m hopeful that inclusivity in the fashion industry is not just a moment but a sustainable movement.”

That mindset is also the ethos behind her podcast and conversation with VB where Sinéad probed VB on how she found her voice. “I am in a position where people will listen,” says VB. “That took me years to recognize. It’s when I started working as an ambassador for the United Nations. I can educate myself and then come back and people will listen to me.” And on her podcast, Sinéad wants guests to, “look outside of ourselves and think about how we shape the world.”

Having attended the Met Gala this year, launched her podcast (with VB)!, what else is on Sinéad’s fashion bucket list? “I would be very enthusiastic about doing a 73 Questions video with Vogue... but unlike Victoria’s edition, I wouldn’t be able to admit that I can juggle.”

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