VB Asks…What Do You Do While Masking? 9 Solutions for those ‘Extra’ 15 Minutes

Thank you all again so much for your answers, advice, and solutions for red eyes! Inspired by your enthusiasm I went back on Instagram with a face mask on and wanted to know what you do with the 15 minutes you have while it's on? I’ve gone through your answers and below are some of my favourite responses. Keep visiting my Instagram page as I’ll be posing more questions in the coming weeks and will be posting your best answers here on the world of vb! VB

VB was just in Los Angeles with her family taking some much needed rest and relaxation. And while she was there, she also indulged in some self-care which included a face mask. But ever the multitasker, VB didn’t sit still while giving her skin a refresh and posed the question on her Instagram asking her followers what they do while masking. Below, we break down nine of the top answers.

Listen to a podcast: With infinite options there is a podcast for everyone. We’re partial to the Audm app that features long-form journalism read aloud but are currently loving As Me with Sinéad Burke where VB was the first guest.

Quick workout: Some of you suggested getting in a round of squats which is great, but take this time to master fitness guru Tracy Anderson’s five easy moves and begin your path to a better body.

Moisturize from top-to-toe: While your face is getting nourished, so should your body. Try VB’s favourite body cream by Augustinus Bader and blend with coconut oil—like VB—for a rich finish.

Achieve a new sense of calm: Finding balance is always a struggle but taking ten to fifteen minutes for yourself and your thoughts is something that will unleash creative though and focus. Just ask Elle Macpherson.

Discover someone new on Instagram: Scrolling through feed is of course a fun daily ritual, but take this opportunity to check out someone new in the world of art, fashion, and wellness.

Start (or finish) a good book: Start your own version of Oprah’s Book Club and dive into some of the season’s best reads from Margaret Atwood’s follow-up to The Handmaid’s Tale to Tayari Jones’s novel that captivated former President Obama.

Binge watch a really good show: With so many new shows popping up—Catherine the Great with Helen Mirren, The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston—take a tip from VB who watches The Capture and The Loudest Voice while on her runs and use this time to enjoy some great acting.

Practice your culinary skills: With autumn in full swing, try your hand at making some delicious, yet nutritious recipes that will have your friends and family wondering when you’ll be opening your own restaurant

Plan a getaway: Uninterrupted time is the new luxury and take this moment to plan a trip to reset and refresh your mind. If you need inspiration, take a look at VB’s last whirlwind trip to the Big Apple for her most recent beauty launch.